Service and repair


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Q1. I have a fault on my equipment, how long will it take to get it fixed?

Where possible, we will try to answer your questions over the telephone to minimise the amount of disruption and downtime caused by any difficulties. If the fault cannot be fixed over the telephone, an engineer will be dispatched to take a closer look.
Response time will depend on your maintenance/service plan:

PBInclusive– On average our target response time is next day, subject to level of demand.
PBSelect – On average our target response time is next day, subject to level of demand.
PBSelect Plus – On average we’ll respond within 6 hours, subject to level of demand, as well as cover the cost of all parts.;

For further information on what your maintenance/service agreement includes, click here 

Q2. There have been a number of staff changes and I need some training for new staff on my Pitney Bowes equipment, can this be arranged?

Yes this can easily be arranged. If you have our PB Select Plus service plan this training is included in the price of this plan. Alternatively, call one of our service advisors on 01460 8700 for a quote. 

Q3. How long will the training take?

Training will take place during installation and will last several hours, depending on the complexity of your equipment.




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Q1. Do I have to pay for consumables with a credit card if I order online?

No, you can arrange for your online order to be invoiced. Call one of our advisors on 01460 8700. 

Q2. What warranty do you offer on your photocopier toners?

We offer a comprehensive two year warranty on our compatible toner products, to ensure complete confidence. 

Q3. Can I pay for my consumables order through my Purchase PowerSM account?;

Yes, just mention to an advisor that you would like the order to be placed on your account and it will be added to your monthly invoice. 

Q4. I’ve got consumable supplies from my old Pitney Bowes equipment that are now incompatible with my new Pitney Bowes equipment, can I get a refund on these?

Yes, you can get a refund on any unopened boxes of consumable supplies that are returned to us within six months of their purchase. When returning them, make sure that you contact us on 01460 8700 to ensure that they are suitable for return.  

We will arrange for their collection.  

The credit note should take 3-4 weeks to process after receipt of the consumable supplies.