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For Small Business


FP's mymail franking machine is ideal for your small or startup business, not only is it cheaper than stamps, but it is a lot more professional.


The recipient of your letters will not be able to tell how small your business is with a frank mark on the envelopes, unfortunately if you have a stamp on the letter it becomes obvious that you are a small business.

FP's mymail is not expensive to run either and has many other benefits such as always having postage available 24/7 365 and a built in postage scale with the latest postage rates making sure you never under or overpay for your postage.

Benefits of mymail

  • • Ideal if you have just a few letters a day
  • • 3 different advertising images on your letters
  • • Put your own advertising messageson your letters
  • • Up to 3 different accounts for monitoring different departments, individuals or different postage rates
  • • 2kg integrated postage scale
  • • Perfect Inkjet printing