Postbase 45

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PostBase franking machine was developed by our customers to be easy to use with just one button and a 4.7" colour touchscreen

  • Colour touchscreen
  • 10mm letter thickness
  • Label dispenser as standard
  • Automatic feeder and sealer option
  • Letter tray
  • 45 pieces per minute processing
  • Integrated 3kg scale
  • Differential weighing option
  • External scale option
  • Digital high speed downloads through LAN
  • Up to 10 different advertising logos
  • Customisable advertising messages on each letter with Navigator Plus
  • Navigator Plus accounting and remote control through a tablet PC option
  • Cost accounting for 10 departments
  • 5 different colours to match your office


PostBase is a combination of the analogue and digital worlds of mail communication. All of the traditional franking machine functions can also be controlled from the PC with the aid of a built-in self-explanatory operating system.

With an interface with just 3 screens to undertake 99% of tasks, PostBase works just like your smartphone. With 3 different speeds, you can process your mail quickly and efficiently, PostBase even has automatic feeder options on the 45 and 65.