FPi 2500

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Medium sized folder inserter up to 2400 letters per hour

The new FPi 2000 series of table-top letter folders and inserters are designed with ease of use in mind for the operator, perfectly designed to make office life easier.

Each model has a hand feed mode allowing the operator to feed up to 5 sheets of paper stapled or not into the machine to be inserted into your envelopes

When processing high volumes of letters the FPi2500 will keep working uninterruptedly, once one of the letter feed stations is empty the machine will automatically switch to another feed station to continue its work allowing you to then refill the empty station without pause.

Automatic optical mark recognition (OMR). The inserter can read coded marks on the documents to reliably determine the number and sequence of documents intended for a single addressee. Especially useful for mailing multi-page invoices.

The FPi 2000 folder and inserter series delivers an innovative design adapted to meeting your individual mailing needs. Up to three automatic feeder stations provide maximum versatility and capacity.


Choose from different fold types:

The right fold transforms an A4 sheet into a small brochure or mailing. Select from all folds commonly used by the modern office:



Double-parallel fold

C-fold (left-to-right)


Advantages of the FPi 2000 Series:

• The FPi 2010-2 works with an automatic A4-document station that is also suitable for handling daily miscellaneous mail. The station is located in the lowerfeeder position and is easy to load with documents.

• The FPi 2015-2 features one automatic A4 document station that feeds material page by page. A second automatic station feeds envelope-shaped enclosures (up to A5).

• The FPi 2020-2 is equipped with two automatic A4 document stations which can be set up to feed A4 formats as well as envelope shaped enclosures (brochures, flyers, reply cards or envelopes).

• The FPi 2025-2 consists of two automatic A4 document stations plus an enclosure feeder for assembling multipart mailings (for example letter, flyer plus reply vehicle up to A5).