FPi 600

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Small footprint tabletop folder and inserter.

The new table-top inserting system FPi600 is the successor to the long-running and internationally successful FPi500, the FPi600 sets the standard for entry level, fully automatic mail processing.

Feed, fold, insert and seal:

The ultimate inserting solution for smaller offices. FOLD AND INSERT AUTOMATICALLY TO SAVE TIME, use the FPi600 to quickly and easily add response-cards, flyers or return envelopes to your mailing. Or use the folding function to produce pre-folded flyers.


The FPi600 can handle up to 1,350 letters in an hour.

Simple and fast:

Simply load your letters, envelopes and supplements and the FPi 600 automatically folds and inserts your mail then seals your envelopes.


Choose from different fold types:

The right fold transforms an A4 sheet into a small brochure or mailing. Select from all folds commonly used by the modern office:


double-parallel fold

C-fold (left-to-right)


Advantages of the FPi 600:

• Excellent performance

• Saves time and money

• Folds and inserts mail faster than by hand

• Increases the efficiency of your correspondence

• Flexibly handles regular correspondence, invoices, serial and advertising mailings, salary and wage statements, etc.

• Highly flexible - handles mixed mail, invoices, serial and promotional letters, wage and salary statements

• Processes a variety of materials (post cards, flyers etc)

• Easy-to-reload feeder stations, material faces forward

• Extremely user-friendly touchscreen display

• Memory for saving recurring jobs