FPi 4500

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Medium to large sized folder inserter up to 2400 letters per hour

Delegate your entire document mailing operation – business letters, single or multiple item mailings, invoices, account or wage and salary statements to an efficient high performance inserting machine. The ultra-compact FPi 4500 solves your individual mail handling needs professionally, reliably, quietly and quickly. With a Touchscreen control panel for total operating simplicity. Just select your settings and go.

Feed and fold material, insert it, and seal the envelope: The FPi 4500 is the new professional inserting solution for mid-range mail volumes. Automatically finishes your documents as letters in C6, C6/5 or C5 envelopes and stacks them neatly. Add supplements like reply cards, flyers or return envelopes with ease. You can also use the folding function to produce brochures without inserting.

Powerful: The FPi 4500 can handle up to 3,600 letters/hour and is the optimal system for mailing up to 40,000 letters per month. Compact in size and quiet in operation, the FPi 4500 fits into every office environment.

Versatile: The new FPi 4500 inserting system is available in two base models to perfectly meet your individual inserting needs. The FPi 4520 comes with two feeder stations, including an upper station configured as a high-capacity unit (HC) for processing larger volumes of mail. The FPi 4530 is delivered with three stations.


Choose from different fold types:



Double-parallel fold

C-fold (left-to-right)


Advantages of 4500 Series:

• Fill & start

• Optical mark reading option (OMR)

• Real sheet control

• Simultaneously fold up to 10 sheets of paper

• Innovative colour touchscreen

• Multi-functional feeding stations

• Daily-Mail function

• Multiple-sheet feed

• Feeder swap