FPi 5500

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Large folder inserter for larger businesses

Fold-down display with touchscreen: regardless of which side you wish to organize your work from, the display with its full-colour touchscreen is where you need it.

You want your outgoing mail to get where it’s going fast. The growing variety of mailings, tight schedules, and the need for efficiency in the mail room demand ever more performance from folding and inserting solutions.

Meets every demand

The modular construction of the FPi 5500 allows the addition of extra feeder stations, in pairs, for up to six stations total. Customer specific Flex configurations allow even greater job flexibility.

Perfect for multiple tasks

The FPi 5500 inserting system comes straight to the point of automated letter inserting: simplest operation, reliable letter handling and a high degree of flexibility. The FPi 5500 can handle up to 4,000 letters per hour in C6, DIN long, and C5 formats and up to 60,000 letters per month.

Security and monitoring functions assure that every envelope is correctly and completely filled. Process everything your mail room can generate up to 10 pages per envelope*, mailings with or without supplements, invoices, personalized mail. The FPi 5500 can handle it all, in a snap. The intelligent modular construction allows the system to be configured with 2 to 6 stations as well as customer-specific solutions. Compact design and quiet operation (< 66 dB) make the FPi 5500 at home in every office environment.

OMR (optional)

Optical Mark Reading (OMR) system uses printed marks to automatically identify document sequence and size. This enables, for example, the processing of personalized mailings, flexible control of various supplements or exclusion of duplicate copies. Reverse OMR handling is also possible.

Fold-down display with touchscreen for convenient operation is a real highlight, the fold-down display with full-colour touchscreen. Manually adjust the touchscreen according to how you wish to organise your work flow. Just turn the display to where you need it. The intuitive operating instructions use pictograms and clear text directions for easy programming. Up to 25 frequently used job settings can be saved for instant retrieval.


Choose from different fold types:

The right fold transforms an A4 sheet into a small brochure or mailing. Select from all folds commonly used by the modern office:



Double-parallel fold

C-fold (left-to-right)


Advantages of 5500 Series:

• Fill & start comfort function - simple operation

• 10-sheet folding capacity* for single folds

• 8-sheet folding capacity* for Z and C-folds

• Quiet folding mechanism

• Stations can be upgraded individually

• Inserts most common formats, including postcards, special types of paper and stapled materials in a single work step

• Alternating feeder mode for uninterrupted operation (saves time reloading stations)

• Efficient multi-sheet function to feed multiple pages from any station

• Save settings for up to 25 different jobs

• A resettable piece counter for individual jobs plus a separate counter that tracks total jobs

• Monitoring sensors to assure envelope contents are complete; suspect envelopes automatically diverted without interruption

• OMR feeder control available for all stations

• Selective feeder control from up to 5 stations

* Data based on 80 g/m2 paper weight