Postal Scales

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Accurate, reliable, quality postal scales

making sure you never under or overpay for postage

ratemail. for all business sizes

The perfect large capacity scale for all parcels.

These robust postal scales are an indispensable addition to your franking system.

The scales include all the worldwide rates for sending parcels and packets the cheapest and most effective way possible. The postal scales are neatly designed to enable convenient location of the platform for weighing large parcels with the controls next to your franking machine.

With its separate weighing platform, the ratemail postage scale is ideal for weighing heavy parcels and can also give DX weights.

·       30kg capacity

·       Postal scale interface

·       International mail

·       Recorded delivery

·       DX option

·       Parts counting facility

·       Franking machine interface

·       Separate weighing platform